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Finding an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultant to help your company’s website to be on the first page of Google engine search? SEO Consultant Singapore will be a wise choice for you!

We are a team of freelance SEO consultants who are professionally trained by an advanced SEO consultant certified in the US and he is currently doing Doctorate in SEO. As SEO consultants, our core business is to set up websites for different clients in order for their site to appear on Google’s first page.

The SEO is the art of being visible in various search engines. Being visible means, appear on the first search results. Since appearing on the second page of the search engine is meaningless and would no longer be visible, when listed on the first page of Google’s search results will bring great advantages and benefits for your company or online business to increase their image. Google is the largest and most used search engine amongst all different countries. It is used by more than 90% of users who are looking for new internet users. All who are doing research will use Google to help them find the product or service they want.

A site that is not present on the first page of Google is not an internet visibility very good, so it will bring little benefit to its owner or possibly none. This means that the number of visitors to your site will be very small. The fewer the number of users visiting your site, the lesser the customers you might get. Like any other channel advertising media, as more people reach it, the greater the chance to buy or use your services. SEO Consultant Singapore seeks to help you bring up your company’s brand through our services.

Purpose of an SEO Consultant:

  1. Perform a preliminary study of your competitor’s website positioning. Detect potential failures and document all information
  2. Perform Keyword Research
  3. Conduct a thorough analysis of competitors.
  4. Start Optimizing Site. That is, On-Page SEO, ie. Internal optimisation of our website. Cleanliness code structure of the web, Sitemap, Robot.txt, structure and number of links, usability, etc
  5. We will also help your website to continue the SEO Strategy of Page, ie to give relevance and authority Site from outside. Find suitable external links pointing to this our website relevance in Social Networks, getting Retweets from Twitter, likes on Facebook or even +1 from  Google+
  6. Perform an ongoing analysis of both positions occupied Rankings of the Site, and all this happening around the web


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Benefits of SEO

oVisibility: Your website would constantly appear at the top of searches naturally receive more notoriety for visitors and potential customers.

oHigh Return: SEO is a low-cost form of advertising on the Internet with a high return on investment because the visitors coming from search engines are more likely to buy in terms related to your search.

oFree: Search engines do not charge anything for which your site appears at the top of organic searches. All traffic comes from Google without costs as a customer who enters your physical store.

oAdvertising 24h: Your website will always be there for users who search for terms related to your product or service


Importance of SEO

Statistics speak for themselves, most web pages are almost all visits from search engines like Google. This gives a great importance on positioning in the search terms that companies most interesting.

90% of Users: Look for information or resources on the Internet with the use of Search Engines.

84% of Users: Only review Google’s first page

65% of Users: Never clicked on PPC of Google SERP

Several companies and professionals from various sectors do not clearly distinguish the importance of Organic Positioning for Success in the network. The mistake is to think and believe that the design of the website will begin to entice customers automatically, without realising that this is the first step to begin to dabble on the Internet.

One of the fundamental techniques of positioning is SEO. This technique is a way to get, say natural, the best positions in search engines with the search criteria more profitable segment.


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